A Transcriptome Atlas Database for Mouse Embryo
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Data Analysis

Within Eurexpress we have developed tools to allow analysis of the anatomical annotation and expression similarites. These are based on 3rd party tools modified to accept the Eurexpress data or to interact with the web-applications such as the assay and anatomy displays. These tools will be extended, here are links to clustering and visualisation options. Use the links below for information on how these tools can be obtained and used. These have been tested primarily on Mac OSX and Linux platforms but do have MS Windows version available.

Cluster analysis tools:

  1. Cluster from Eisen lab with user interface.
  2. Bi-Cluster tool from Gyenesei et al to detect all sub-clusters using association rules.
  3. TreeView visualisation.

Sample cluster data:

Hiearchical clustering using using Pearson correlation comparison on unpropogated data with strong, moderate and weak expression set to values 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0 repsectively. Interaction matrix from the DB on 5/3/8.